Maintaining Your Health During Flu Season

As I sit here writing this post, I feel awful. Outside of my window all I see is a field concealed with snow, which just by looking at it makes me shiver. With many months of this weather left it’s hard to stay healthy, and though its only been a couple of weeks I am already beginning to look and feel like I haven’t seen the sun in months.

The Importance Of The Sun On Our Health

Sunlight lets our skin provide our bodies with vitamin D, which is said to be quite important to our overall health. When you’re out in the sun, exposure to UVB rays causes a photosynthetic reaction which creates vitamin D. Vitamin D also regulates calcium and phosphorous absorption which helps maintain healthy bones. It is also an immune booster, helping to fight against diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, heart disease and more common illness like the flu. Sunshine is believed to have great effects on our well being by reducing anxiety and depression.

Too Much Sun Is A Thing, But Quite Rare

It is possible to reverse the benefits of the sun by spending too much time in it. Just like everything else, it is healthy in moderation. Sunburn, dizziness and headaches are a clear indication of too much sun exposure. 15-30 minutes per day of sun exposure is usually enough to maintain your health.

Vitamin D Supplements

While the easiest way to absorb vitamin D is through sun exposure, there are other ways to do so if you don’t have access to sunlight. Vitamin D tablets are available to find in any health store, pharmacy, or even at your local grocery store. There are certain foods that contain it such as:

  • Certain fish
  • Eggs
  • Fortified milk, yogurt, and certain fruit juices                              These foods contain other nutrients helpful to our health like protein, vitamin C and fats. Make sure to balance your health this flu season!

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