Prague, CZ: Returning Back To My Roots

What To Do In The City That Never Sleeps

Prague is the culturally rich capital of The Czech Republic. From the pubs to the picturesque streets, Prague is quite well known for its breathtaking views and the typical postcard scene of the Prague castle, the Vltava River and St. Vitus Cathedral. Being born in Prague, I have been fortunate enough to visit family quite often. The life in the Czech Republic is very different compared to Canada, where I moved when I was very little. Here are the things I have observed over my many visits back home.

Why Visit Prague?

This city is very unique, it comes with its own culture and will never bore you. There are endless options for where to stay and where to eat and there are so many things to see while you stay here. The most popular areas in Prague are Charles Bridge, The Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, and St. Vitus Cathedral. These are probably the most historical spots to visit in. Along with the historical areas there are also modern day attractions such as shopping malls, swimming pools and shops all throughout the breathtaking streets.

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