Top Destinations of 2016

With no more than a day left of 2016, we thought we’d collaborate with various Instagram photographers and travelers to highlight our  top destinations for the year. Based on location, interest, and experience, here is a list of our favorite places in the world!

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town attracts many people with the beautiful weather  and beaches but there’s so much more to Cape Town than that, the activities are endless! One thing that many tourists seem to like is the safaris. The scenery is breathtaking and many of the animals are unique to the area. This is a must while staying in Africa as it is an experience you can’t get everywhere. Aside from safaris, the museums, hiking and beaches are popular among travelers in this area and if you’re into nightlife, there are organized night tours for almost any activity.

Photo by: @mapping_maddie (Instagram)

The photo above was taken at the Madikwe Game Reserve, by: @mapping _maddie (Instagram) she adds: My tracker and guide came across a pride of 11 lions and this was one of the two males in the pride.”

Bounty Island, Fiji

Bounty Island is one of many fascinating islands in the area. This one is especially unique due to its small size, yet diverse range of activities for all ages. Like many tropical destinations, this island features many great beaches, clear water and a great deal of sunshine. We’ve heard wonderful things about this location and would recommend it for anyone and everyone.

Photo by: @wanderlusttravelingtrio (Instagram)

The photographer of this photo is: @wanderlusttravellingtrio (Instagram), she says: “This is Bounty Island, Fiji. Just a short ferry ride from the mainland. They have one restaurant and private beach bures. It’s close to other islands, South Sea Island , Mana, and Castaway which are all accessible by ferry. We actually stayed at all four but this one was the best because they had water sports, a turtle sanctuary and wasn’t as crowded as Mana and Castaway.”  

Dhaulagiri Mountains, Nepal

These mountains are great for trekking, hiking, and people who enjoy the outdoors. It is also the seventh biggest mountain in the world at an elevation of 8, 167 meters. There are organized tours and expeditions that take many visitors to explore these extravagant mountains.

Photo by: @caravanahimalaya (Instagram)
Photo by: @caravanahimalaya (Instagram)


Parga, Greece

Parga is a beautiful town in Greece near the ocean. The unforgettable sights of the sea contrasting the bright colored town make this location worth the money. We flew in through a direct flight from Prague to Preveza and immediately took a travel agency bus to Parga. The 45 minute drive was mostly beside the ocean and offered great views. We stayed in a small apartment about 2 kilometers outside of Parga since everything is quite spread out. From where we stayed, it was a ten minute walk to the beach which had many food options so staying all day was no problem. Our travel agency had many trip options including both whole day trips, and half day trips. Two trips we took included Stix river and  a multi-island cruise. They were both very interesting as we got to hear about the history of each location. Would definitely recommend this location for the new year.



Paris, France

Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and for good reason. It’s filled with many different activities and attractions, so there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy. Paris features the stunning Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Museum which are considered some of the most amazing places in the world.

Photo by: @beverlyadriano (Instagram)
Photo by: @beverlyadriano (Instagram)

@beverlyadriano (Instagram) comments on her photo: “We were on a budget trip when we went to Paris. We badly wanted to get drunk and experience nightlife but we must stick with our budget!” She jokes, adding: “So what better way to experience nightlife tan buying red wine and beer in Place Du Trocadero, and admiring the view of the Eiffel Tower! Cheers, Paris!”

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a charming European city which receives many visitors due to it’s history, food and great attractions. The city itself is beautiful and full of old historical buildings which add to the feel of the city. Not even the night time can stop the fun, as the subways run 24 hours a day, providing tourists with transportation whenever it is needed. It’s easy to feel like a local here as everyone is welcoming and most people speak English as well as Czech.

Photo by: @robertbilos (Instagram)
Photo by: @robertbilos (Instagram)

Matemwe Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Photo by: @amaryphotography (Instagram) the photographer adds: “Zanzibar, just the name itself invokes a mixture of different stimulating experiences; visual, aromaticand everything in between. It’s a spice island, has a historic one of the oldest medinas named Stone Town, it’s a foodie heaven with a mix of Arabic, Indian, and European cuisines but above it all it’s ringed with some of the most breathtaking white sand coral beaches. the Indian ocean surrounding the archipelago has almost a surreal effect on the senses, clearly why it became, and will remain the best island i’ll ever set foot on.”

Photo by: @amaryphotography (Instagram)
Photo by: @amaryphotography (Instagram)

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post, happy New Year everyone!

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